General Questions:

Upto what size can you make your modern rugs?

The max dimensions for the modern rugs we do is 3.6 meters wide by 12 meters long. The minimum width for the modern rugs we do is 0.5 meters.

Can you make shaped modern rugs?

Yes, to find out more on how they're priced please email us at

Where are the materials from and do you adhere to any quality standards?

We source our own wool from all around the world, which we then spin into yarn in house (converting the raw wool into yarn). Some of this yarn is then exported directly to large European Axminster carpet manufacturers, for this we have to adhere to ISO standards. We also use this yarn to make hand tufted modern rugs, and as well as dealing direct to the final consumer we deal with large corporate companies and therefore we have to be sure that various International and European standards are met.

Can you colour match?

Yes we do offer a colour matching service, the charge for this service is £800 per colour.

I'm planning to use the design your own rug service, Can I make any design into a rug?

9 times out of 10 it's a yes, our design team will need to look at the rug design you want and agree it before we take on the order. Highly intricate designs and any design where colours merge into each other are generally the ones we steer clear from.

How would you like the design for the modern rug I want custom made?

Send us a image via email, or by post a hand drawing or even a cutting of fabric. If your unsure then do call our customer service team. The main thing is that we get a clear image and we have all the information we need (i.e. which colour goes where, the dimensions of the modern rug etc).

How thick are the modern rugs you supply and how much do they weigh?

Our rugs are just over 2 centimeters thick and weigh 3 - 3.5 kgs per sq meter, which makes our rugs the heaviest in the market.

Do I need to use anti slip mats on the rugs you supply?

Due to our rugs being 3 - 3.5 kgs per sq meter (the heaviest in the market), they don't tend to move easily. If the rugs are being displayed in a commercial area (a place of high footfall), we would recommend anti slip mats. However if they're going into a home, then we'd recommend not to waist money on anti slip mats, due to the weight of the rugs.

How long will a modern rug last?

The modern rugs we make can last a lifetime, over the first year it will shed some yarn. So we'd recommend regular vacuuming to pick up any loose threads.

Do you do samples of your modern rugs?

We offer 3 free sample service or you can buy a colour box.

Do you have a brochure / catalogue that you could send me to see your modern rug/traditional rug collection?

No, all of our rugs can only be viewed on our website. Our ranges change very often due to different styles and trends so any physical catalogue would soon go out of date. Selling our rugs exclusively over the internet means that you are seeing only our most up to date stock and overheads are kept down, savings that we pass on to you the customer.

Do you have a shop / showroom?

Our head office is based outside the UK. However we work closely with a company called sheer home (website, the showroom is based in brixton, south London (5 minutes away from Brixton Tube station). Address is: Sheer Home (UK) Ltd,
Unit 16 & 17,
Eurolink Business Centre,
49 Effra Road,

Are your modern rugs easy to clean?

Spot cleaning can be carried out at home using cool water and a soft soap (such as you would use for hand-washing woollen garments). You should vacuum your rug often, particularly when it's new as you may find that initially some loose fibres come out of the rug. This is a natural result of the weaving process and will cease in a short time. When your rug needs a thorough clean you should use a specialised cleaner with experience of hand-made rugs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


How long does manufacture & delivery a rug?

Our bespoke rugs are custom made to the highest standards. The manufacture and delivery of your rug takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of your order. We also offer a 3 week express delivery service for £100 per rug.

Can you deliver world wide?

Yes, but please email us with the destination you want your rug going to as we'd need to calculate a unique price for delivery. The rate varies on the size of the rug and if you want it expressed or on standard delivery.

Design Your Own Rug Service:

I'm in the rug designer page and nothing is appearing in the left hand box?

If nothing appears then it might be because you've selected the blank canvas option, if this is the case then click the "change colour" button and begin inputting your colours into the image. If you're still having problems then you will need to go back to main collection, go back into the design you're interested in and make sure that the SVG logo is appearing at the bottom of the page (underneath step 1). If you can't see the logo, then click the download button.

I want to use your design your own rug service, but would like to know if the price is affected by the number of colours I use?

No, you can use as many colours as you'd like.


Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, we can create a manual order which we would email out to you, you will then need to send a checque in to us with the order number written on the back of the cheque.

I'm experiencing problem making payment, what should I do?

You can call us and we'll process the order for you over the phone, or you can email us with the order you wish to place, we need the following info to create a manual order: design name, size, and colours in the order they appear on the rug designer page, a contact number and delivery/billing address.

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