Large Rugs
Large Rugs

Play around with pattern sizes and colours online to create a unique Large rugs that are perfect for the space you have.
100% wool rugs from £129


Create Your Own Unique Large Rug

Rug Designer specialises in making the widest range of sizes the industry can offer, with a maximum length of 17 meters (56 ft) and a maximum with of 5 meters (16 ft and 5 inches).

Let a large rug take centre stage in your home.
Large rugs from Rug Designer can really bring a room to life. Whatever you're style of rug you're looking for, Rug designer has a wide choice of large rugs to choose from that will look stunning in any room.

Choose from our great range designs to create drama and add pattern to your room or if you want something a simple and classic, our large rugs are available in over 20 plain colours.

Rug Designer's bespoke service also means you can swap the colours in our existing collection of designs which allows you to create the large rug of your dreams.

And with our large rugs measuring up to five metres long and 17 metres wide, there's no need for carpet, simply use a beautiful large rug instead to add warmth to your home.

Large Rugs

Large Rugs

Choose a design you like, type in the dimensions you want and play around with the colours live on-line creating your own individual colour scheme. It's that simple.
For more information on Large Rugs please email the sales team

How do I create my own large modern rug?
1. Choose a rug design
2. Re colour and re size your modern rug
3. Place your modern rug order

Plain Rugs

Plain Rugs

With 24 colours to choose from, order your luxurious plain rug in any colour and in any shape or size.
Go to plain rug collection

How do I create my own plain rug?
1. Choose colour
2. Re size it
3. Order it

Kids Rugs

Kids Rugs

Rug Designer allows you to add a name to your kids rug.
Go to kids rug collection

How do I create my own kids rug?
1. Choose a rug design
2. Re colour and re size your kids rug
3. Email us the name you want on the rug
4. Place your kids rug order

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Blend up to 3 colours together to create your own unique shaggy rug.
Go to shaggy rug collection

How do I create my own shaggy rug?
1. Choose up to 3 colours
2. Add the dimensions of your shaggy rug
3. Place your shaggy rug order

Design Your Own Rug From Scratch

Bespoke Rugs

We can make you a rug from scratch from your own design using our 24 colour pallette.
Go to design your own rug

How do I create my own bespoke rug?
1. Click on start your bespoke rug order
2. Post or email us your drawing or fabric
3. We will create an image for approval
4. Order it


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Large wool rugs from £149

Convert any of our designs into a large rug, the maximum sizes we do are up to 16 meters long by 5 meters wide.

Re colour and Re size your large rug live on line

Play around with the 24 colours we carry in stock to create your own unique made to measure large rug

Order free colour samples or a rug swatch before you buy your large rug

Before you make your purchase, for £5 you can buy a 30 x 30 cm rug swatch or for £9.50 for a colour box. We supply up to 3 free colour samples, or to see our full range of colours why not buy our colour box for £9.50. We also supply rug swatches for £5.

Large rug prices

Our large rugs are priced up from £149 per sq meter

Delivering your large rug

Our lead time for deliveries is 6 - 8 weeks, or express it within 3 weeks for £250.

Large Rug Sizes

The largest rug we do in our standard sizes is a 2 * 3 meter rug for £599.99, and for bespoke rugs we can go up to 16m long by 5m wide