100% Wool persian rugs made to measure!

These luxury rugs are made to measure, handknotted persian rugs, 100% wool, for £290 per square meter.
Contact a member of our salesteam who will be happy to help or answer any questions.

All designs below can be adjusted to any size

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Persian 70 Persian 72 Persian 48 Persian 55 Persian 58 Persian 49 Persian 71 Persian 60 Persian 59 Persian 42 Persian 43 Persian 81 Persian 73

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Our handknotted rugs From £290 per square meter

You can design your own and get it made to measure for a completely unique, luxury rug

Dye to match your own specific colours

With the help of our design team you can send us a swatch so you can match your rug to your interior space. The cost for 1sqm is £80.


Imperial to metric converter

ft. in. = cm.


Premium Range Rug calc

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Our hand knotted Persian
rugs lead times

From the moment you place your order, expect it it 8 -10 weeks.