Bespoke Rug Project at Bluewater Shopping Centre

Popped into to see the guys at Bluewater the other day and to take a look at some of the rugs we did for them over a year ago on a bespoke rug project. These modern rugs we delivered still look in good condition and can most probably last another 3 or 4 years. They are roughly 5 x 3 meter oval moder rugs, with a sloped edge to prevent trip hazard. They have outlasted all the other rugs that went down at the same time and still going strong.

New website up and running

Thanks Paul Randall for all your efforts over the past few weeks, great job and so excited about the new site. Navigation is by far better then what it used to be and ee have almost 200 designs you can convert to fantstic bespoke rugs.

Rug art

We often put paintings on our walls, well why not put a Dali or a Picasso on the floor!
Yes, we’ve noticed a trend in business where customers are wanting modern art pictures made into modern rugs, take a look at the following 3 rugs which where bought for an art company in Paris.

Logo Rugs

A luxurious modern rug will help elevate your brand image, the soft luxury feel and finish will enhance the perceived value of the product/service your business offers. It’ll also act as a fantastic interior installation which brings warmth to the room and a real sense of creativity.

New colour range for our modern rugs

Here's a sneak preview of our new colour range, having only had 24 colours in the past to work work. In 6 weeks time we'll have 48 colours. We do also offer a colour matching service. However we were doing so many colour matches. It made sense to expand the colour range so we're not having to airfreight new colours to the factory all the time. We took the best and most repeated over the past few years. And we've taken interior pantone recommendations for 2012/2013.
It's a fantastic range and we're very excited. As soon as they are on the site we'll release a new blog to let everyone know.

Elle Decoration Design Competition Winner - Veena Solanki

We are very proud to announce the winner of the Elle decoration and Rug Designer competition. We would like to congratulate our winner from Ruislip, London, UK, Veena Solanki.

Well done Veena we love your design and can't wait to see it turned into a lovely tactile Rug, many congratulations 🙂

Elle Decoration and Rug Designer Competition

Rug Designer has teamed up with Elle Decoration to run a design competition aimed at supporting designers and artists who have an interest in promoting themselves by creating a bespoke rug which will be featured on the Elle Decoration site and facebook page, and on the Rug Designer website.

This is a fantastic opportunity for fabric designers, interior designers, artists and anyone with a keen eye for design who wants to make a name for them selves.

We’d love to see any designs you’d like entered in this competition and to support you through the design process, helping with any technical, quality, and colour related questions you might have.

The things we put on the floor

So I went to a dance show recently which feature lecturers at my University in London. They were pretty contemporary dances. Some of them were quite boring and went on for too long. One of the solos was about "the things we walk on and sit on". These "things" were rugs mainly, sheep skins, and hippy rugs. When I walked into the performance space, which is a dance studio with the windows covered so the space was dark, although the space was darkened there was no atmosphere.

The floor was covered in rugs, some of them were not very nice. They smelt like incense and had holes in, most of the rugs were borrowed from friends and students, so it was expected that some of them had holes in. Some of the rugs were sheep skin, some were thin and some were thick and shaggy.

The piece featured multimedia with a film being played at the beginning, the dancer was lying in the position that she was in wen we all walked into the space. I thought she would do the movements on the screen at the same time as being played. She didn't which was a shame because this would have had a nice continuation between media and live action.

It's a beautiful day

So it has been quite beautiful these past few days and they weather is looking pretty nice for the coming days too! Having sunshine means going out and have lunch in the parks around london and drinking cider in the afternoon and spending quality time with your children or partners.

Having a glorious day doesn't mean you have to go for an adventure you could just stay in the comfort of your back garden. Taking out your rug to sit on it always a good idea, but make sure the grass or concrete is nice and clean before you lay it down! You dont want your glorious day to be spoiled by dirt on the bottom of your rug.

If you don't want to take you nice€ luscious€ rug outside you can always take an old towel and a few cushions to bring indor comforts outside!

Rugs rugs glorious rugs

In today's society everyone has a rug on their floor, be it a scraggy one they have had for years and haven't gotten around to buying a new one or a beautiful one from rug designer.

Our rugs are beautiful, no doubt about it! They exude luxury and are 100% wool. Everyone should have a nice rug and from us and you don't have to break the bank to have one. We can do anything on your rugs, we can make special colours just for you, we can cut out special shapes we can even make super, massive, huge ones.

Removing a burn mark from your rug or carpet

Have you ever accidentally burnt your rug, let's say by leaving straighteners on it or maybe ironing on the floor? Burn marks can be really tricky to get our of carpets without it leaving a noticeable trace. If the mark is only on the surface of the carpet you maybe able to scrub it out with steel wool or a lightweight sandpaper, this should get out any small marks, after this you will need to vacuum the area to get rid of any wool fibres or residue sandpaper.

Although this method is a sure fire way of getting rid of small surface marks, it may not work on much deeper piled carpets where there is a much visible mark still left after rubbing it with steel wool. If this is the case for you then you will have to use a utility knife to cut around the area, try to make the cut out a square of rectangle. This patch will then have to be filled by another piece of your carpet, this could be a remnant that you kept after the carpet was fitted, if  you have not kept this then use a piece that is not seen regularly like underneath a sideboard or chest of drawers etc.

Use the cut out piece of carpet as a template by drawing around it onto a piece of paper, then choose somewhere to cut out your new piece of carpet. Using a glue gun, glue the underside of the new patch and fit it into place. Glue around the edges to make sure the piece will not become dislodged when cleaning. Use a carpet tractor to roll the carpet piece into place and make sure the pile is nicely

If you are feeling crafty

Making rugs is a long and hard process if you are doing it by hand, but it is also very rewarding! If you fancy making something that your pet can sleep on then this is a good idea for you crafty types.

Do you have a bunch of old random socks lying around in your house / sock drawer / linen basket, that need to be thrown out? Then fear not! Grab those old socks and line the up so you can make a square, if it doesn't quite make a square then you can always chop the ends off. Slide the socks inside each other and then secure down with a pin, now you really need a sewing machine to make it sturdy but if you feel confident doing it by hand then you can do it that way.

Once you have sewn together all the seams then you are ready to

Designing your own rug

Here at rug designer we are dedicated at making good quality rugs. If you want a rug that is completely your own then we can do that. We can now carve into your rug and make any shape you want, we can even make different pile heights. With our bespoke rug range you can design your rug and then send it to us, after we have recorded your design, we will retouch it and use our existing colour palette to make you design compatible with our rug colours. We will send the design back to you for your approval.

All of our rugs take 6-8 weeks to be made and delivered to you, for our express delivery it cost £100 more per rug, and will take 3 weeks to be made and delivered to you.

Wooly Shaggy Rugs

Thick pile shaggy rugs are fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. They keep floors warm and bring great accents to the room. Try a contrasting colour and bring something modern to your rooms. Or if you already have a colour theme or a distinct colour in mind we can do colour matching to get an exact colour swatch if you provide us with a pantone colour or even a sample of the colour you want us to match.

The shaggy rugs that we make are luxurious and will last forever! Our rugs are made to order so all of our rugs are limited edition and if you choose a bespoke shape or cut out then your rug will be completely unique. Here at RugDesigner our rugs start at £99 per square metre so there is no excuse not to have a fabulous rug in your home!

Rugs for all ages

Is your living room looking bare and cold? Well without completely overhauling your room with new wallpaper and furniture then how about choosing a brightly colour rug or even a patterned rug to add interest to a bare wooden floor, choose art that will compliment your rug and then the rug doesn't feel like a complete anomaly. A rug is a convenient of making your room look different and also bring the attention to the floor so even if the walls are floor to ceiling magnolia the room will still feel comfortable and warm.

Are the bedrooms in your house looking like they need a make over, then choose a new rug, we have a range of children's rugs that are suitable for all ages from toddler to young adult. If your teenager is feeling more grown up there are plenty of sophisticated rugs that could suit their tastes.

You may find a rug that is the the inspiration for renovating your room, take a look at our rugs and if there is nothing you like or you have a bespoke idea in mind then please contact

Rules for choosing the right size rug for your rooms

This protects wood floors while adding warmth and softness to high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways. € The standard size is 2' 3" x 8'.€ To get the placement right, allow at least 4" of space along the sides of the runner parallel to the walls or edge of steps.
In a corridor, keep a close eye on proportion. Standard runners may be too narrow, so fit accordingly
Just remember that the gap between rug and walls should be no more than one-third the width of the runner.

Accent rugs are small (usually 2ft x 3ft), adding instant color and pattern and they can be moved whenever you feel like it!€ To position an accent rug the right distance from a piece of furniture, wall or cabinet, take the width of the rug and divide it in half.€ The number you're left with is the maximum distance the rug should be placed from the furniture. Think about using two or three rugs in complimentary colors to break up a long, narrow hallway or corridor.

The next best thing to a wall-to-wall rug is a full-size one. If you want to showcase the floors, pick a rug that is smaller than your room. As a standard decorator rule a full-size rug should be placed within 18 inches of at least two of the walls, if you have cabinets or book shelves then measure for the edge of those instead of the wall.€ The legs of the main furniture pieces should be on the rug. Make an exception for wall-hugging pieces like a large china cabinet; this should be completely off the wall.€ Picking a full-sized rug in a centralised position in a room helps bring attention to its main focal point.

A house is not a home until it has it's own a helipad.

In 2008, to spend £50m on a new house seems excessive to say the least but to then splurge another £30m on doing it up  is mind boggling. But the super-prime section of the London property market is an exclusive world, with laws of its own. Indeed, the new Kazakh owners of the grandest house on The Bishops Avenue, north London's billionaires' row, believe they bagged a bargain when they bought the Toprak Mansion earlier this month.

But the decor, it seems, is not right! Despite the five reception rooms, nine main bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, all spread over 23,000 sq ft, the place is to too small. So, although Toprak, with his woollen rugs, one of the most expensive new-build properties sold in Britain at the time, this house has probably been lived in for less than a week or so since it was completed in 2001, the owners are calling in the builders and the bespoke rug designers.

By the time they've finished, as well as all the basics de rigueur for the self-respecting billionaire such as wireless audiovisuals, pressurised purified water on tap and automatic security shutters, they will also build a new 30-seat cinema, squash and tennis courts, a billiards room, a beauty salon, a 24-carat gold-plated whirlpool bath, a new staff lift and a small river, complete with canoe. Even the helicopter gets its own lift: the helipad in the garden will sink into the ground and the roof will slide across the top.

The end result, expected to cover 42,000 sq ft, looks certain to outclass its next-door neighbour, Lakshmi Mittal, whose own 25,000 sq ft house, Summer Palace, can be peered into from the mansion's 80ft main reception room. (Not that Mittal is often there: the Indian steel magnate spends most of his time at his other home in Kensington Palace Gardens, west London.)

But where are the carpets and rugs? Currently being imported from india and expected to be laid on every floor in the mansion.

Handmade rugs

To make an original hooked rug, you will need the following - wool cloth scraps torn into 6mm strips, a rug hook, burlap or linen backing please not that this should have a design drawn onto it, an embroider hoop or rug hooking frame.

If you choose to go with a prepared kit, you will get rug hooking jute that has a silk-screen design on it, also a color location chart, rug hook, 100 percent wool cable yarn, rug hook and rug binding. One advantage of the kits is a color photo you can refer to so you can check your progress as you are working. Rug hooking is a crafting and hooking technique developed by housewives in pioneer times in America who were trying to create a warmer, more comfortable environment inside their home. Back then the floors were damp and cold and pioneer families would pitch in to help create these rugs.

Fasten your pattern (the linen or burlap backing) onto a stretcher bar, hoop or a rug hooking frame. Cut the strips of wool to approximately 6mm wide and at least 20cm long. Hold your hook in your dominant hand and hold the strip of wool in the other hand. Push your hook down through the backing, catch the wool and pull it up through the burlap. Make sure you pull the first end up through to the top of the burlap as well, continue your hooking, loop by loop, making loops all the same height.€ Space your loops approximately three burlap strands apart so you don't crowd your loops too much.

Make your own rug?

Primitive rug hooking was born of necessity during pioneer times when€ families€ had to make their homes warmer. Whole families became involved in creating the rugs that decorated their homes. Today, you can€ fashion€ a rug yourself from scratch or buy a rug hooking kit.
To make a primitive hooked rug , you need the following supplies: Wool cloth scraps torn into 1/4 inch strips; a rug hook; burlap or linen backing with a design hand-drawn onto it; a stretcher bar, hoop or rug hooking frame
If you choose to go with a prepared kit, you will get rug hooking jute that has a silk-screened design on it; color location chart; rug hook; 100 percent wool cable yarn; rug hook and rug binding. One advantage of the kits is a color photo you can refer to so you can check your progress as you are working.
Primitive rug hooking is a crafting and hooking technique developed by homesteaders who were trying to create a warmer, more comfortable environment inside their homes. Because floors were damp and cold, these pioneer families all pitched in to help create these rugs, with the husband bending a hook our of an old nail and making the stretcher frame, the children tearing the wool strips out of old, wornout clothing and the wife making the rugs.
You can create pictures with your rug hooking patterns. Draw them on linen and hook the wool through yourself or buy a kit with a screen-printed design and hook wool yarn through the jute.
Fasten your pattern (the linen or burlap backing) onto a stretcher bar, hoop or a rug hooking frame. Cut the strips of wool to approximately 1/4 inch wide and at least 8 inches long. Hold your hook in your dominant hand and hold the strip of wool in the other hand. Push your hook down through the backing, catch the wool and pull it up through the burlap. Make sure you pull the first end up through to the top of the burlap as well. Continue your hooking, loop by loop, making loops about 1/4 inch tall.
Space your loops approximately three burlap strands apart so you don't crowd your loops too much.

Rug Sculpting

Can rug hooking be used to make anything other than flat rugs? Well I never thought it was possible but as I was browsing through Etsy- a online folk art shopping website, I stubbled upon a woman who makes sculptures out of wool using the rug hooking technique. If a giant pineapple is not your idea of a centre piece for your dining room table, never fear as there are a lot of other designs to choose for as well as flat penny rugs that she has also made by hand. All of her products are 100% wool and naturally dyed.

I thought that her mondern and contemporary take on the old technique is ingenious and I would very much want my hands on one of her cool creations.

What I like about rugs is...

That they can make any place homely. As I was walking through a shopping mall in london earlier this week I walked past a large rug with chairs and coffee tables on. The scene, with small children playing with their parents and another couple snuggled up together on a sofa made it feel like I was looking through someones window to a living room. It felt rather strange and surreal but then again very homey and welcoming.

I think that if the large shaped rug was not there then it wouldn't have given me this impression, instead it would of just looked like randomly place furniture in a shopping centre. I believe that the rug and comfy chairs are a nice relief from the hard marble floor and glass ceilings that most shopping centres have.

In conclusion I like rugs because they can make people instantly feel at home.

Arty rugs

Rugs don't have to me comforting on just your feet, it can also be pleasing on the eye. Crazily, people have hung rugs on their wall as a work of art, with the pile being carved into it is easy to create shadows and depth in the rug. Here at rug designer we can create this depth in all of our rugs, you just need to specify where and how deep you need it to be. This effect looks awesome with just one colour as it makes an illusion in the rug. Too many colours and depths could make the rug look very over the top and rather messy so if you want this effect, consider what the outcome will be before choosing it.

Rugs for you

Rugs are a luxury item for any room but they don't have to be expensive, we have rugs that can cater all budgets and will make sure you receive exceptional service. At rug designer rugs are a passion, we do it because we what to bring rugs to everyone and anyone! The rugs you buy from us are 100% wool and the dyes will stay bright for years to come.

We currently have our rugs in Selfridges' London store and they have gone down a treat with their customers. If you want to see the quality of our rugs then you can go down to their London Branch or ask us to send you a sample form our website, you can also purchase a colour  box with tufts of wool with every colour in our catalogue.

If you want a unique rug then send us a copy of your design via email or post and our designers will make up a digitised copy of it for you to inspect, after you have agreed on a deign then the process of ordering your rug is simple and easy, we will then deliver your rug in 6/8 weeks .

We hope you will consider us when you look around for a new rug as we will not disappoint!

Plain rooms

There is nothing worse than entertaining guests and thinking that your room is plain, boring and cold, even if your visitors are only staying for a short while you feel as though your room is letting you down. When looking for a rug to brighten up your room you need to factor in; how big you want it, what colour you want it to be and how much you want it to cost. If you find a rug that is nt perfect due to cost then you can always shrink your rug to a price that is suitable for you.

Have a rug that is not a focal point of the room but also a topic of conversation is always a bright idea. If you have idea for a rug but have not seen one that you like on our website or other websites then you can always design one yourself and impress your friends by having a rug that is purely unique to you.

Shaggy rugs are a really cool way of bringing colour and comfort into a room because they are soft to walk on and also extremely beautiful. If you are thinking of buying a rug then rug designer will have a design and shape to suit your tastes.

Art as a rug

When does a rug lose its employment of keeping the floor warm when you stand on it and become purely decorative? Is it when it is hung from a wall or put into an exhibition? Does a rug ever loose its ability to still do the job it was made for?

When looking at a rug that was made from solid gold and semi precious stones, I originally thought "wow that is amazing" but then I thought "what is the point in that?" over exuberantly showing the fact they have loads of money? It will never be stood on or laid on, it will never have anything spilt on or trod in. Where is the fun in that? It will be stuck in a glass box and hung from a wall and never, ever be put on the floor.

Wool rugs can last a long time and still look vibrant and beautiful and even luxurious, especially if they have a deep shaggy pile. The colours that people can make are limitless so a rug could be any colour at all, it could even have an etricate design cut out of it to have extra body and depth.

So why have a solid gold rug when no one will be able to touch when you could have a wool rug with is easy to clean and soft to touch?

Christmas rugs

Celebrating Christmas is something that millions of people around the world do. It is a time of year to give presents and what better then giving a christmas rug? A rug that you could have all year round or bring out when it is the christmas period. There are some really crazy rugs out there but you could design your own on our website.

Even though christmas has passed there is no excuse not to think about want you want to get your family and friends next year, especially if it is something as large as a rug.€ There are plenty of rugs on our website so if you didn't want to give a Christmas inspired rug then you could always give another one that would suit the persons taste.

Please keep in mind that there are always delays with the post in December, so think about ordering a little sooner and possibly having it delivered to the person who is receiving it as it is hard to transport rugs in small cars.

I hope that everyone reading this has had a wonderful christmas and best wishes for the new year.

American rug makers

In the 1800s, around the time of the American€ Civil War, thrifty homemakers would use scraps of€ wool and€ felted pieces of wool from old clothing, blankets and hats to recreate rugs. Using money coins as a template, they would cut out circles and then stitch them together in€ blanket stitch€ fashion, hence the name "penny rug" formed. Sometimes, the mats or rugs were backed with old burlap bags or feed sacks, in some cases when the rugs would not lie flat they would stitch a penny inside the mat.

Penny rugs are made by selecting good quality wool and it must not be too thick. It may be hand-dyed or dyed by painting it onto the rug to give the piece another dimension. Circles can be cut from the wool in varying sizes and then stitched together concentrically using complementary colors.

Penny rugs were not actually made for the floor, but used as decorative coverings for beds, tables, dressers and mantle pieces. These decorative pieces € were also used as wall hangings and pillows. Most designs included circles and some included animals such as cats, flowers, birds and star and heart shapes.

A snippet history of Persian Rugs

The traditional method of weaving Persian carpets is almost always a closely guarded family secret. The techniques for creating Persian rugs are passed€ from generation to generation throughout a weaving family. It is believed that the initial art form evolved at the time of the Persian king Cyrus, consequently known as one of the greatest rulers in Persia. However, it is believed that the Persian tribes have been using sheep's wool and tying knots for lining the floors of their tents before the time of King Cyrus.

During the eleventh Century the Turkish Seljuk tribes invaded and ruled Persia bringing with them Turkish influences in rug weaving which transform Persian carpets. This included the use of Turkish carpet knots which differ from those found in traditional€ hand-knotted Persian carpets. However, even after Seljuk influence in Iran waned, the Turkish methods of carpet weaving still remained in Turkish areas of Iran such as€ Tabriz.

Persian Rugs, an influence.

Persian rugs are believed to be among the oldest and indeed the most beautiful of all oriental carpets. The traditional method of weaving Persian rugs involved tying thousands of knots single handedly.

Persian carpets are famous for their intricate design, this is a characteristic of all Iranian art. Persian carpets often feature geometric patterns which are a reflection of Iranian influences, but many Persian rugs natural scenes of animal and plant wildlife.

One of the reasons that Persian carpets often feature floral patterns is that when their Iranian owners sit on them they can be reminded of traditional Iranian gardens. Aside from providing you with great pleasure and brightening up your home,€ buying a Persian rug can be a wise investment as they often appreciate in value provided you know a little about€ Persian carpet care and repair.

A really old Oriental rug

The oldest oriental rug found is a Pazyryk carpet, encased in a solid block of ice, the rug was melted out of a burial tomb of a Scythian Royal. Carbon dating has shown that the the rug is over 2000 years old.

Little known factual evidence  can show rug weaving existed in Pazyryk in the 14th century, albeit some small remains and fragments of different rugs can be dated to be from around the 3rd, 6th and 11th century.

Western nations have taken interest in oriental carpets for several hundred years, there is very good evidence to suggest popular Western interest in oriental rugs for example, one early painting from 15th century depicts the Virgin Mary seated upon a throne above a rug. Several other paintings, particularly of royalty from this period onwards show a similar use of rugs.