About rug designer

Rug Designer have been working with customers to design and create beautiful modern rugs from 2009. Since then we have surprised and delighted so many creative people to achieve some amazing rug designs, creations that before our service, they could only dream of.

Their ideas brought to realisation in the form of a wonderful rug showcasing for example: a business or organisation logo, a sports team, a simple sketch or a geometrical pattern or something that specifically suits their home furnishings or paintwork. All utilising our magnificent palette of colours and shades with plenty to choose from.

Why not join our growing list of customers and design your own rugs with the help of one of our designers. Then, when it's ready, our production team can put the finished designs together by hand, turning your original idea into your own stylish modern rug, using our traditional hand tufted method with 100% pure wool yarn.
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Designed Rugs Collection

Visit our gallery of designed rugs to see examples of the rugs we can make for you to your own size and colour specification
Designed Rug Collection

Bespoke Rugs

We have designed some amazing unique custom rugs for our clients over the years. Let us take you through the process of what we do and how we do it.
Bespoke Rugs Service

Our Colour Palette

We have a comprehensive colour palette for you to choose from. Why not take a look and see for yourself. 
Our Colours
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