Crafting your own rug

There are many different ways of creating your own rug, one of the ways to make your own rug is by braiding scrap pieces to fabric together. Braided rugs can be constructed in a variety of different ways including a banded braid construction, cloth braid construction, flat braid construction and yarn braid construction. Banded braid constructions boast wide bands of either solid colour or variegated braids made from predetermined patterns to offer an appealing, thick look. A cloth braid construction is indicative of a time when outgrown clothing was cut into strips and then hand braided into rug. This particular construction is unique to one manufacturer, Thorndike Mills. During Colonial times, very little went to waste, and a second use for outgrown or worn out clothing was to turn them into floor coverings for the cold wood floors.  The old garments were cut into strips. The strips were hand folded and braided.  These braids were then hand woven into braided rugs.

A flat braid construction is a common construction as it's one of the easier and more classic methods. Simply intertwine three ropes of fabric and/or yarn, and you'll have yourself a braided rug. A yarn braid construction evolves from yarn in its initial state to a uniquely finished area rug.

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