Designer Rugs

Anyone can design a rug, be it for a living room, dining room or bed room. The key is to think about the preparation. Finding the correct dimension os the rug and the type of rug is easy. What is hard is the colour and design that will fit in with your already existent decor.

Would a contrasting rug colour go with your furnishings? Or would colour matching your furniture go better? You must also think if an irregular shape could bring a personality to your room? All of these are significant questions ou should be asking yourself when you come to purchasing a rug.

Our rugs at rug designer are all 100% wool and can be cut into any shape desired. We can cut the pile in different lengths to add a layered look to the rug, We can also do colour matching and match to any colour desired for a extra cost. We can also get it delivered to you in less than 4 weeks.

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