My Rugdesigner Rug

Finally I have my own Rugdesigner rug - it's almost big enough to be called a carpet - and I love it! The border is solid bands of sand and chestnut colour, and there are two shades of green as well in the overall pattern. However the total effect comes from the background colour of cream, the natural colour of the wool (I'm told). In my eyes it adds elegance to the pale green living-room with its dark furniture.
But oh! The critics!
"Carpets should be darker than that."
"It'll show every mark."
"What an impractical colour to put on the floor!"
I assure them that wool is very robust, and that most marks come off with the vacuum cleaner. I even joke that dark carpets aren't any cleaner, you just can't see the dirt. They are not convinced, and some even take their shoes off when they come in.
So what? I don't care. I know it is practical, whatever they say. Anyway, as I said before, I love it.

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