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I have the job of updating the blog (hi there readers!). The purpose of our blog is not for people to read but to show that our website seems as though someone is updating information, this means that our Google rankings go up. Therefore we should hopefully get to the front page of Google soon!

As I have trolled through the many UK rug company websites, I find my self looking at many designs of the same rug. Thick pile, plain, sometimes a funky design and rectangular. Occasionally there are rug companies that bring in designers to create something new and cool for their company, The Rug Company is one and Woven Ground is another. I haven't seen many in the United Kingdom that provide bespoke rugs to order on their websites, except us and some of the bigger companies. We can design and make any shape and design, with any thickness pile within limit.

In my personal opinion I believe that the thicker the pile the better. I like a rug that is nice to lie on and watch television, read a book, relax. I personally love shaggy rugs and sheepskin rugs.

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