Rug Smuggler? Sounds like one of Hugh Grants movie plots

So I was flicking through news articles last week (which happened to be pretty much all pointless celebrity gossip) when I saw this one about Hugh Grant- apparently he smuggled rugs from Turkey.

The washed up Four Weddings and a Funeral star was returning from a holiday in Turkey and stupidly tried to  sneak 4 oriental rugs through customs. To be far I wouldn't of known to have declared the rugs so it could of been an honest mistake. But Grant knew otherwise

But they were quizzed for being suspicious. The officer who found the rugs promptly and probably happily arrested Grant for trying to dupe the duty on the imported rugs.

Grant once said to a glossy magazine- "I've been arrested... for smuggling. I smuggled. It was a very long time ago. I was coming back from Turkey with a girlfriend with a few rugs. We were such idiots (and still are). We came through an airport in the middle of the night and thought no one would check. So we went through 'nothing to declare', but we were stopped."

The airport officials pulled over the couple and asked, 'We noticed you have returned from Turkey?' The couple replied with a sheepish "yes".

They were then asked to open a "long parcel". Unfortuneately the rug shaped parcel did indeed contained a beautiful turkish rug. Grant was then asked to proceed in opening the rest of his luggage and out popped 4 large rugs. What a fool.

Next time Hugh, go through and declare your rugs, or you might have to pay another hefty fine for smuggling.

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