Rugs tailored to you

There are a lot of boring rugs on the market these days, flat, square, with no texture... At rug designer we can make rugs interesting. We can cut into you rug, circles, squares, whatever or say you want a bold shaped rug, we can make it happen.

We currently have bespoke rugs in store at Selfridges, one of the biggest department stores in London. We are creating rugs for everyones need and everyones budgets.

Rugs can be a way of injecting life and colour into a room, if you want a special colour that matches your curtains or wallpaper, send us a sample or a pantone reference and we can create a unique colour just for you. This will make your rug truely original, a one of a kind.

We also have a new section on our website that is dedicated to designers who have created pieces of art that you can have for yourself and at any size.

Here at rug designer we are dedicated to making rugs that will last, thats why all of our rugs are made from 100% wool.

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