Some news about Iranian rugs

Alireza Qaderi the director of hand-woven carpet think tank is to protest the sudden ban on Iranian made rugs to the USA. He decided this response was necessary after Washington decided to ban the import of Iranian rugs to the U.S. in late September, IRNA reported. He said this move by the U.S. is against all international charters in regard to culture and art. Qaderi stated that this restriction placed on Iranian carpets will be detrimental to American citizens. Governments are not allowed to obstruct cultural relations for excuses such as political squabbles, he commented. U.S. policy-makers are have made a huge mistake with no rational explanation behind it, he added. Not only has the direct import of Iranian rugs to the U.S. been stopped, but also importing Iranian carpets from other countries is not allowed either, he stated. The two nations have had a long-standing relation and American art lovers are considered to be among supporters of Iranian carpets. Removing the ban on Iranian carpets would not only have financial benefits, but would also help restore deteriorating ties between the two countries, he said. Commenting on Iran-EU relations he said it was not likely that the Europeans would follow in the U.S. footsteps and ban the import of Iranian carpets. He noted that soon an exhibition of Islamic art will be held in Munich, Germany, and said the world is eager to learn more about Islam.

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