Summer fetes

Now that the summer is rolling up more people are planning summer fetes. Summer fetes  are a time for raffles, coconut shies, bat a rat stalls, white elephant stalls, cakes, and home produce such as jam and pickles. Entertainment could include morris dancing, tug of war, fancy dress and pet shows. Of course now- a- days village fetes include top notch musical acts, tribute bands and fair ground rounds. Old school fetes don't fill the fields they are booked in so they have started becoming more like mini festivals.

Even the theatre scene is also getting on top of the fete scene with comedian Russell Kane writing the musical The Great British Summer Fete. At the Bush theatre's Great British Country Fete, skittles will scatter, some fruit will spoil and someone will tread dog poo through the tea tent. Do not shy away, but come coconuting along to this irresistible summer punch of stories and song.

The best way to celebrate at a truly English summer fete is to roll out a comfy rug, put on some lacy gloves and whip out the scones.

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