Woolen rugs and their appeal

When you start your search for a new rug to place in your home, you find that there are a number of different choices. One choice is to go for wool rugs. Some people believe that wool rugs are old fashioned, that the new materials are better for their homes. This is not necessarily the case. There are many reasons why a person should think about getting rugs that are made from wool.

Wool rugs are the type of rugs that have been used for thousands of years, To start with, wool is one of the most durable types of fibres on the planet. Wool will repel water and hold dye, it has unique properties that make it very popular and highly sought after.

The fact they are very dense is a good thing, this is what makes them easy to clean. If you were to take a rug that is made from wool and to put it onto a sandy surface, it would fill with sand. Pile it on and then shake off the rug. If you shake it out, you'll find quickly that a good majority of the sand will quickly come off and the rug will require very little cleaning. Due to the fact wool rugs are often much more heavy than there modern rivals, they will suit wooden floors far better.

Wool rugs have been used throughout history because they are the best. Persian rug makers have been making rugs out of wool since they know how amazing wool is for making rugs. There used to be wool rugs on the floors of nomadic tents not only because they were the most comfortable types of flooring to have, but also because they were the most durable. People who lived in nomadic tents didn't have the time or luxury to be able to constantly replace items. They needed to have furniture and items that were able to stand up to the rigors of their lifestyle, and they found that very thing with rugs that were made from wool. This type of rug was able to not only last for a long time, generations, in fact, but was also able to be easily cleaned as well. Another reason why these people opted to use wool rugs was because they actually absorbed humidity. This means that the rooms that they were in can be much cooler and more comfortable.

What's great about modern rug manufacturers is that they can make rugs from a large number of materials, mixing wool with other man made fibres making for some extraordinary designs. They're also able to make wool rugs look any way that you want them to look, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between, which means that you can now get a rug that is made from wool in a variety of patterns and colours that will suit everyone's taste. Rugs that not only last for a long time, but also look wonderful.

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