A snippet history of Persian Rugs

The traditional method of weaving Persian carpets is almost always a closely guarded family secret. The techniques for creating Persian rugs are passed from generation to generation throughout a weaving family. It is believed that the initial art form evolved at the time of the Persian king Cyrus, consequently known as one of the greatest rulers in Persia. However, it is believed that the Persian tribes have been using sheep's wool and tying knots for lining the floors of their tents before the time of King Cyrus.

During the eleventh Century the Turkish Seljuk tribes invaded and ruled Persia bringing with them Turkish influences in rug weaving which transform Persian carpets. This included the use of Turkish carpet knots which differ from those found in traditional hand-knotted Persian carpets. However, even after Seljuk influence in Iran waned, the Turkish methods of carpet weaving still remained in Turkish areas of Iran such as Tabriz.

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