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There isn't much to say about rugs, believe me it is a limited subject. After you have written about where the rugs come from and how the are made it can get hard to come up with something original.

I have been writing this blog for a while now and I have to write about 3 a week which is hard because I can't find something new each time I write a blog. There are certain things even I find is uninspiring,  like how expensive a persian rug is. I don't even understand why... is it because they are so prestigious, or maybe their beauty? Some of them are blatantly not very well made either, like cheap copies.

As I have now taken over the company (for a bit) the pressure is on for me to get things done. I can't be slacking off because I have a lot more responsibilities, like writing this blog for example now feels like a waste of time when I should be taking payments or sorting deliveries, but instead I buckle down and find some new material to write about.

Shaggy rugs are probably my favourite type of rug that we supply. I like the feel of them and there dense pile.

Well I have to go and take a payment so this is the end of this.

Until Friday, bye for now.

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