A house is not a home until it has it's own a helipad.

October 5, 2019
In 2008, to spend £50m on a new house seems excessive to say the least but to then splurge another £30m on doing it up  is mind boggling. But the super-prime section of the London property market is an exclusive world, with laws of its own. Indeed, the new Kazakh owners of the grandest house […]
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Aleppo Wedding, Chapter 5

October 2, 2019
The next girl was called Ranya, and the proceedings were almost identical except that in this case one of his sisters had been to school with one of hers. The chief thing he remembered afterwards was that she was the one who dropped the crystal dish of sugared almonds while she was passing it round. […]
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Persian Rugs, an influence.

September 28, 2019
Persian rugs are believed to be among the oldest and indeed the most beautiful of all oriental carpets. The traditional method of weaving Persian rugs involved tying thousands of knots single handedly. Persian carpets are famous for their intricate design, this is a characteristic of all Iranian art. Persian carpets often feature geometric patterns which […]
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Aleppo Wedding, Chapter 6

September 17, 2019
He asked politely but without any undue warmth if they had enjoyed the visit, but was alerted by his mother's reply, a firm negative, as she poured her breakfast tea. Sensing a more interesting story, he raised an enquiring eyebrow at his father; already well on with his breakfast and clearly trying not to laugh. […]
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Summer fetes

September 10, 2019
Now that the summer is rolling up more people are planning summer fetes. Summer fetes  are a time for raffles, coconut shies, bat a rat stalls, white elephant stalls, cakes, and home produce such as jam and pickles. Entertainment could include morris dancing, tug of war, fancy dress and pet shows. Of course now- a- […]
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