Fifa World Cup, England Vs Germany

I'm not one to watch the football but it just happened to be on my television yesterday, the match was Germany V England and the final score was 4-1 to the Germans. The German's completely thrashed the English, it was embarrassing to watch. According to the three stooges who commentate on the game afterwards on the BBC, the English players are supposed to be pretty good at football, to me they looked like they had never played a game in their life's. They never ran with the ball, they were incapable of jumping or blocking the ball at all. The Germans however were slick, able to run and pass the ball all the while the English team stood watching.

I am glad that I was watching this match from the comfort of my own home. Having the ability to walk away or even turn the TV off. Another thing I liked about being at home was that I could easily fall asleep on my lovely, soft 100% wool shaggy rug, while our chances of getting any further in the tournament. I felt extremely sorry for the British fans who spent so much money following the English team throughout their time in South Africa to have to leave before they even got into the semi- finals.

I think the English players should feel ashamed of themselves after that dismal performance. The whole of England was watching that match feeling overly optimistic after the first half, just to watch a butch of fully grown professional player to play like under 10's match on a sunday afternoon.

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