Wintery Weather

It's starting to get colder outside and their is nothing worse then a cold house. A way to get around this cold weather is to buy or even make a rug. If you have nice hard wood flooring their is nothing worse then getting out of bed in the morning to the icy touch of wood.

Although hard wood and laminate flooring looks beautiful and goes with all types of furniture it does not help to lock in the much needed warmth. However a large area rug made from 100% wool could do the trick. The only problem is the colour and shape. In the winter it would be best to choose a rich, lustrous colour like burgundy, navy blue, forest green with highlight of creams, magnolias and golds. This will also help to create a more winter wonderland feel and leading up to Christmas, what could be better.

If you are really feeling adventurous how about creating a fir tree design to go on to the rug or even the rug cut into a tree design, nothing says christmas like the fir tree.

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