Rug envy

I always get jealous of the customers buying our rugs. I look at the designs, shapes and colours and just know they are going to love the rug that they end up with...

Our rugs are all one hundred percent wool and you can tell, the texture and voluptuousness of the wool is too hard to miss. I would love to have then in all of my rooms, all different colours and shapes. The fact that I don't have them in every room is rather depressing.

I think a rug makes a room what it is, generally rooms without rugs are cold or tiny. Especially beige and magnolia rooms with no colour, the room is like a fridge, cold and isolated.

In years to come when I own a house and do what I want this it I will decorate it with vibrant colours art and rugs but for now I have a shared rented accommodation which I can't do anything to even to improve it.

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