Rug Designer and American Mountains

Rug designer has recently delved into the world of art and we provided Jamie George a contemporary artist with a modern rug for a set of exhibitions called American Mountains which was held in a disused garage on the Old Kent Road it is not the most glamour of places but very cool and turned out to be very busy and a lively affair. The exhibition is of very contemporary artworks you can have a look at the artists works below:
Jamie George
Richard Whitby
Sion Parkinson
Ed Atkins
Rebecca Kressley
Matthew David Robinson

The rug we provided for the exhibition was a rectangle Midnight blue rectangle with a large yellow circle with a dove white border. It looked pretty cool and we're hoping to put images of the exhibition up on our website soon.

'American Mountains' is an ongoing project that brings together work created by the eight artists listed above. At its core is an image and a phrase: a photograph of the perimeter of 'Dubailand' - a development outside the city of Dubai, and the phrase that provides the title - an old Russian name for roller-coasters.

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