Rugs for you

Rugs are a luxury item for any room but they don't have to be expensive, we have rugs that can cater all budgets and will make sure you receive exceptional service. At rug designer rugs are a passion, we do it because we what to bring rugs to everyone and anyone! The rugs you buy from us are 100% wool and the dyes will stay bright for years to come.

We currently have our rugs in Selfridges' London store and they have gone down a treat with their customers. If you want to see the quality of our rugs then you can go down to their London Branch or ask us to send you a sample form our website, you can also purchase a colour box with tufts of wool with every colour in our catalogue.

If you want a unique rug then send us a copy of your design via email or post and our designers will make up a digitised copy of it for you to inspect, after you have agreed on a deign then the process of ordering your rug is simple and easy, we will then deliver your rug in 6/8 weeks .

We hope you will consider us when you look around for a new rug as we will not disappoint!

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