Rug Tufting Frame

The method in which we make our rugs is called Hand Tufting. The tufting frame we use for our rugs is 17 meters long and 5 meters wide, however that doesn't mean we can't achieve a greater width. Recently we made a 6.5 meter diameter rug for the Royal Exchange in Manchester, this was a circular 6.5 meter rug. We ended up tufting part of the rug and then taken the finished part of the rug off the tufting frame to enable us to complete this wonderful looking rug. Doing this order made us re look at the maximum length and widths we can manufacture large rugs whether they're Shaggy rugs, or standard modern ones. And we feel as long as we only need to take the part which has been made off the tufting frame one it means we can double the size of the spinning frame so that 10 meters wide by 34 meters long. A rug that size can weigh a tonne! Yes a tonne, imaging trying to pick that one up for a spring clean. The transportation of a large rug that size wouldn't be easy either as it'll need to be lifted by crane and proffetionally put into position.

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