Royal Standard Chapter 1

The facts about the Royal Standard are amazing. Its one of the greatest accumulations of Art on this planet running to Millions of objects. Assembled in the last 500 - 600 years, it includes almost everything there is, including Rugs, mainly Persian Rugs. But also included paintings, silver, sculpture, manuscripts, books, armour tapestries and textiles.

These can be seen across Britain in various exhibitions. And unlike National collections, Royal collection receives no government funding. It's completely self funded so salaries for staff are entirely generated by funds the Royal Collection make.

The responsibility of the director for the Royal Collection is to ensure all Artwork is well displayed, researched and interperated, and that the places used to exhibit the Artwork are shown to their best. Within reason the Royal collection is always looking for ways of expanding retail activities, even on the internet. One way of achieving this expansion is by producing a range of fabrics, wallpaper and Rugs inspired by it's textiles and other works of art.

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