Snowflakes that stay on my nose and also bespoke rug?

Here at rug designer we can do any shape, size, pattern and colour. If you have an idea for an original rug for your bed room, hall, living room then be can do it for you. If you visit our bespoke rug page on the website there will be more details on there for you to get started on your design.

Fancy a pattern that is already in the catalogue but it is the wrong colour? There are many other colour combinations to choose from and if the colours arent in our range then you can order a bespoke colour by sending us a pantone colour code or a swatch of colour and we will make up a tuft of it in our factory. However it will cost more to use the colour on your rug as we will have to make up a special batch at our factory.

At rug designer we pride ourselves on the fact that we can deliver what you want. If you have an idea we promise that we will try our best to re create it.

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