Rugs and things

The main reason area rugs are so popular is the immense amount of styles, colors, sizes, shapes and materials available. In addition, redecorating a room with a new area rug is far easier and definitely a more economical way then painting, re-wallpapering, buying new furniture or even replacing the window treatments.

But some people want to go even further in their quest to put their own personal stamp on their homes. It is for these people that the world of "made to measure" rugs exists!

For economic reasons most large retailers can't offer their customers a product of which only one exists in the entire world. A big-box retailer or chain functions in the realm of mass merchandising. They buy vast quantities of items, which are then mass produced, and sell them at the lowest margin possible. Profits are only possible when selling in volume. This is as true for area rugs at these stores as it is for toothpaste. Although shouldn't an item like a wool rug be a one of a kind, because each house is created a home by becoming personalised to the family that l

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