Sisal rugs

Looking for an eco friendly rug with natural charm that will blend with either casual of formal room settings? Then a sisal rug may be the answer.

Sisal is a fibre extracted from the leaves of the Agave plant, originally native to Central America and now cultivated extensively in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.  The Agave plant is very robust, preferring an arid climate; no artificial fertilisers and little or no chemical herbicides are needed for its cultivation. Sisal fibres, which are extremely strong, are shiny and vary in colour from white/cream to pale yellow in their natural state although they can be easily dyed and are generally colourfast.

Spun into a yarn, sisal has been used in rugmaking for hundreds of years, particularly in a tight weave known as boucle, although flat weave and rib patterns are also popular. The result is a rug that oozes natural charm, is durable, anti-static, non-toxic and easy to clean. A regular vacuuming will prevent embedded dirt damaging the fibres, liquid spills should be blotted with a dry cloth, taking care not to rub liquid into the fibre, stains should be blotted with a rag dipped in a solution of soap and water, or vinegar and water, and then blotted dry. Dry cleaning powder is also available for sisal rugs as excessive moisture can have deleterious effects on the fibres. For this reason, sisal rugs are not suitable for bathrooms or other excessively moist or humid environments.

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