Your favourite type of rug.

What kind of rugs do you like? Are they woolly or shaggy, flat or thick? Would it be safe to say that all rugs should reside in the living room or can a rug go anywhere?

I think there are different types for different occasions for example, in the summer when it's warm and dry, a nice thin yet strong rug would be suitable to take outdoors and enjoy a picnic on and so in the cold weather we are having now in England the indoor rug has to be thick and soft so you can sit on it beside a log wood fire (or at least an electric one!)

Rugs could even make  for interesting wall hangings, I wrote an article a while back exploring rugs on walls. Could they act as insolation in these wintery nights, or are they purely decorative?

One thing that comes to my attention is the colour. Rugs with a cool design is always enhanced by ones choice of colour. I think many people will be wanting rich, dark and vibrant colours in their hall ways and bedrooms now when its almost the christmas holidays.

So what is it that you look for in a rug? Is it the uniqueness? Then you have come to the right place.

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