Removing a burn mark from your rug or carpet

March 5, 2011
Have you ever accidentally burnt your rug, let's say by leaving straighteners on it or maybe ironing on the floor? Burn marks can be really tricky to get our of carpets without it leaving a noticeable trace. If the mark is only on the surface of the carpet you maybe able to scrub it out […]

If you are feeling crafty

February 28, 2011
Making rugs is a long and hard process if you are doing it by hand, but it is also very rewarding! If you fancy making something that your pet can sleep on then this is a good idea for you crafty types. Do you have a bunch of old random socks lying around in your […]

Designing your own rug

February 26, 2011
Here at rug designer we are dedicated at making good quality rugs. If you want a rug that is completely your own then we can do that. We can now carve into your rug and make any shape you want, we can even make different pile heights. With our bespoke rug range you can design […]

Wooly Shaggy Rugs

February 23, 2011
Thick pile shaggy rugs are fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. They keep floors warm and bring great accents to the room. Try a contrasting colour and bring something modern to your rooms. Or if you already have a colour theme or a distinct colour in mind we can do colour matching to get an exact colour […]

Rugs for all ages

February 16, 2011
Is your living room looking bare and cold? Well without completely overhauling your room with new wallpaper and furniture then how about choosing a brightly colour rug or even a patterned rug to add interest to a bare wooden floor, choose art that will compliment your rug and then the rug doesn't feel like a […]

Rules for choosing the right size rug for your rooms

February 16, 2011
Runners This protects wood floors while adding warmth and softness to high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways. € The standard size is 2' 3" x 8'.€ To get the placement right, allow at least 4" of space along the sides of the runner parallel to the walls or edge of steps. In a corridor, keep a close […]

A house is not a home until it has it's own a helipad.

February 16, 2011
In 2008, to spend £50m on a new house seems excessive to say the least but to then splurge another £30m on doing it up  is mind boggling. But the super-prime section of the London property market is an exclusive world, with laws of its own. Indeed, the new Kazakh owners of the grandest house […]

Handmade rugs

February 6, 2011
To make an original hooked rug, you will need the following - wool cloth scraps torn into 6mm strips, a rug hook, burlap or linen backing please not that this should have a design drawn onto it, an embroider hoop or rug hooking frame. If you choose to go with a prepared kit, you will […]

Make your own rug?

February 4, 2011
Primitive rug hooking was born of necessity during pioneer times when€ families€ had to make their homes warmer. Whole families became involved in creating the rugs that decorated their homes. Today, you can€ fashion€ a rug yourself from scratch or buy a rug hooking kit. To make a primitive hooked rug , you need the […]

Rug Sculpting

February 4, 2011
Can rug hooking be used to make anything other than flat rugs? Well I never thought it was possible but as I was browsing through Etsy- a online folk art shopping website, I stubbled upon a woman who makes sculptures out of wool using the rug hooking technique. If a giant pineapple is not your idea […]
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