What I like about rugs is...

January 26, 2011
That they can make any place homely. As I was walking through a shopping mall in london earlier this week I walked past a large rug with chairs and coffee tables on. The scene, with small children playing with their parents and another couple snuggled up together on a sofa made it feel like I […]

Arty rugs

January 26, 2011
Rugs don't have to me comforting on just your feet, it can also be pleasing on the eye. Crazily, people have hung rugs on their wall as a work of art, with the pile being carved into it is easy to create shadows and depth in the rug. Here at rug designer we can create […]

Rugs for you

January 26, 2011
Rugs are a luxury item for any room but they don't have to be expensive, we have rugs that can cater all budgets and will make sure you receive exceptional service. At rug designer rugs are a passion, we do it because we what to bring rugs to everyone and anyone! The rugs you buy […]

Plain rooms

January 13, 2011
There is nothing worse than entertaining guests and thinking that your room is plain, boring and cold, even if your visitors are only staying for a short while you feel as though your room is letting you down. When looking for a rug to brighten up your room you need to factor in; how big […]

Art as a rug

January 13, 2011
When does a rug lose its employment of keeping the floor warm when you stand on it and become purely decorative? Is it when it is hung from a wall or put into an exhibition? Does a rug ever loose its ability to still do the job it was made for? When looking at a […]

Christmas rugs

January 2, 2011
Celebrating Christmas is something that millions of people around the world do. It is a time of year to give presents and what better then giving a christmas rug? A rug that you could have all year round or bring out when it is the christmas period. There are some really crazy rugs out there […]

American rug makers

December 24, 2010
In the 1800s, around the time of the American€ Civil War, thrifty homemakers would use scraps of€ wool and€ felted pieces of wool from old clothing, blankets and hats to recreate rugs. Using money coins as a template, they would cut out circles and then stitch them together in€ blanket stitch€ fashion, hence the name "penny rug" formed. Sometimes, the […]

A snippet history of Persian Rugs

December 21, 2010
The traditional method of weaving Persian carpets is almost always a closely guarded family secret. The techniques for creating Persian rugs are passed€ from generation to generation throughout a weaving family. It is believed that the initial art form evolved at the time of the Persian king Cyrus, consequently known as one of the greatest rulers […]

Persian Rugs, an influence.

December 17, 2010
Persian rugs are believed to be among the oldest and indeed the most beautiful of all oriental carpets. The traditional method of weaving Persian rugs involved tying thousands of knots single handedly. Persian carpets are famous for their intricate design, this is a characteristic of all Iranian art. Persian carpets often feature geometric patterns which […]

A really old Oriental rug

December 11, 2010
The oldest oriental rug found is a Pazyryk carpet, encased in a solid block of ice, the rug was melted out of a burial tomb of a Scythian Royal. Carbon dating has shown that the the rug is over 2000 years old. Little known factual evidence  can show rug weaving existed in Pazyryk in the […]
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