If you are feeling crafty

May 13, 2021
Making rugs is a long and hard process if you are doing it by hand, but it is also very rewarding! If you fancy making something that your pet can sleep on then this is a good idea for you crafty types. Do you have a bunch of old random socks lying around in your […]
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Bespoke Rug Project at Bluewater Shopping Centre

May 9, 2021
Popped into to see the guys at Bluewater the other day and to take a look at some of the rugs we did for them over a year ago on a bespoke rug project. These modern rugs we delivered still look in good condition and can most probably last another 3 or 4 years. They […]
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Rug art

April 29, 2021
We often put paintings on our walls, well why not put a Dali or a Picasso on the floor! Yes, we’ve noticed a trend in business where customers are wanting modern art pictures made into modern rugs, take a look at the following 3 rugs which where bought for an art company in Paris.
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My thoughts on rugs, rug companies, blogs, life...

April 22, 2021
I have the job of updating the rugdesigner.co.uk blog (hi there readers!). The purpose of our blog is not for people to read but to show that our website seems as though someone is updating information, this means that our Google rankings go up. Therefore we should hopefully get to the front page of Google […]
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Aleppo Wedding, Chapter 8

April 15, 2021
They carried on the awkward small talk for a while, until Sarah was given her key and found her room-mate, a tall brunette of about the same age and talking about the lunch arranged for the party. This forced Nury to be more assertive, and he invited Sarah to eat at another restaurant with him. […]
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Create your own blended modern rug

April 1, 2021
If you'd like your rug to be a blend of 2 or 3 colours then Rug Designer has been offering this service within shaggy rugs, however just recently we've trialed some samples on normal rugs and discovered some beautiful blends we're able to do. The hand tufting gun can carry upto 3 strands of yarn […]
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Local Cuisine 2

March 25, 2021
It's almost the end of February, and I'm glad I've finished one of the Good Housewife's jobs - making the fruit syrup for the summer. Other (better) housewives make these syrups of almost anything sweet that comes along - oranges, mulberries, sour cherries and rose petals are some - but I only do lemons, and […]
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Christmas rugs

March 16, 2021
Celebrating Christmas is something that millions of people around the world do. It is a time of year to give presents and what better then giving a christmas rug? A rug that you could have all year round or bring out when it is the christmas period. There are some really crazy rugs out there […]
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The things we put on the floor

March 6, 2021
So I went to a dance show recently which feature lecturers at my University in London. They were pretty contemporary dances. Some of them were quite boring and went on for too long. One of the solos was about "the things we walk on and sit on". These "things" were rugs mainly, sheep skins, and […]
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Modern rugs as wall hangings?

March 4, 2021
The rug has always traditionally sat on the floor but it could also look great as a piece of art on a wall. Many rugs that are mounted on the wall are hand woven tapestries, normally very intricate and have delicate designs woven in. Many tapestries are hung in museums or churches due to their […]
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