Snowflakes that stay on my nose and also bespoke rug?

December 5, 2010
Here at rug designer we can do any shape, size, pattern and colour. If you have an idea for an original rug for your bed room, hall, living room then be can do it for you. If you visit our bespoke rug page on the website there will be more details on there for you […]

Your favourite type of rug.

November 30, 2010
What kind of rugs do you like? Are they woolly or shaggy, flat or thick? Would it be safe to say that all rugs should reside in the living room or can a rug go anywhere? I think there are different types for different occasions for example, in the summer when it's warm and dry, […]

Rugs to clear and new designer rugs

November 14, 2010
Her at rug designer we have some beautifully designed rugs to clear. They are all rather nicely sized rugs that can fit in to most living rooms. If you are looking for a cool and fashionable rug at a discounted price then click on our clearance rug section of our website. We are very lucky […]

Wintery Weather

November 14, 2010
It's starting to get colder outside and their is nothing worse then a cold house. A way to get around this cold weather is to buy or even make a rug. If you have nice hard wood flooring their is nothing worse then getting out of bed in the morning to the icy touch of […]

Some news about Iranian rugs

November 9, 2010
Alireza Qaderi the director of hand-woven carpet think tank is to protest the sudden ban on Iranian made rugs to the USA. He decided this response was necessary after Washington decided to ban the import of Iranian rugs to the U.S. in late September, IRNA reported. He said this move by the U.S. is against […]

The things that good people do for rug makers

November 2, 2010
Some handcrafted baskets and pots made by artisans in El Salvador and Sri Lanka can be found in Walmart. But at the 24th annual Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale in Vineland, ON, lovers of traditional African musical instruments, toys, baskets and rugs can purchase these rare, unique items and be assured that the artisans are […]

Rugs tailored to you

October 29, 2010
There are a lot of boring rugs on the market these days, flat, square, with no texture... At rug designer we can make rugs interesting. We can cut into you rug, circles, squares, whatever or say you want a bold shaped rug, we can make it happen. We currently have bespoke rugs in store at […]

Woolen rugs and their appeal

October 20, 2010
When you start your search for a new rug to place in your home, you find that there are a number of different choices. One choice is to go for wool rugs. Some people believe that wool rugs are old fashioned, that the new materials are better for their homes. This is not necessarily the […]

Rugs and things

October 16, 2010
The main reason area rugs are so popular is the immense amount of styles, colors, sizes, shapes and materials available. In addition, redecorating a room with a new area rug is far easier and definitely a more economical way then painting, re-wallpapering, buying new furniture or even replacing the window treatments. But some people want […]

Wool rugs are pretty cool

October 5, 2010
Wool is one of the heaviest fibres in use meaning that rugs that are primarily wool are non slip. This is why we advise that an non-slip sheet underneath our rugs is unnecessary. If you have laminate flooring then a non-slip sheet can be used and probably should be used if you have a small […]
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